About Vector

Firm Highlights

Vector Wealth Management was established in 1993 as a nationally Registered Investment Advisory firm. Today we manage over half a billion dollars of client assets, providing personal guidance and a long-term, collaborative approach that reflects our clients' unique needs. We have authored and developed multiple financial software applications, including the proprietary Sojourn® retirement income program.

We offer fully customized planning and create investment relationships with individuals, corporate retirement plans, foundations, and endowment plans. We utilize individual stocks and bonds, exchange trade funds, institutional no-load mutual funds, structured products, and private equity concepts. Our assets are custodied at multiple custodians.

In 2017, Vector Wealth Management, LLC acquired majority ownership interest in SNS Financial Group, LLC (“SNS”) which was formed in 2010. Together, we continue to do business as Vector Wealth Management.


Practice Focus

We focus our practice based on our clients' unique needs, including:

  • Individuals and couples approaching retirement
  • Retirees
  • Business owners
  • Corporate executives and professionals
  • People looking to simplify and consolidate their investments
  • Families looking to manage an inheritance or sudden wealth
  • Clients with manageable assets typically ranging from $750,000 to  $10,000,000.

We want to help you get today right. Our experience has shown us that when our clients have more confidence about tomorrow's possibilities they do a better job of enjoying today.