Our Approach

At Vector Wealth Management, we believe the complexities of managing wealth require a team approach to give our clients an understanding and confidence around their financial lives that they have not experienced before.

Our clients receive services from their personal Advisor, a member of the Portfolio Management Group and a member of Advanced Planning/Client Services, allowing for deeper, more diverse level of support.


The role of an advisor at Vector Wealth Management is to be the team leader between the Advisor, the Portfolio Management Group, and Advanced Planning/Client Services. The measurement of how well we do for our clients will always be based on the Advisors' ability to reflect the goals, desires and values of each of our clients and communicate this internally to make certain that the plan executed matches our clients' objectives.

Our Advisors have a planning discipline, with a strong interest on the investment management side. The diversity of contributions between CFP® Professionals (Advanced Planning) and CFAs (Portfolio Management Group) creates optimal results in wealth management.

The role of a fiduciary, to which Vector and its Advisors adhere, means to act solely in the interest of our clients through customized investment management, strategic financial planning, and personal consultation.

Portfolio Management Group

The staging of assets is customized based on each client’s own circumstances surrounding income requirements, tax situation and inheritance/gifting objectives. Each portfolio is adjusted to achieve the growth or stability required over the assigned time-frame. We use these time-frame expectations to assign specific tasks and time horizons to your assets, tying them to their intended usage.

Additional areas of portfolio design and management include:

  • Asset Allocation Strategies
  • Portfolio Expense Audit
  • Investment Overlap Analysis
  • Corporate Retirement Plans

Our investment committee conducts ongoing investment monitoring through economic analysis and securities research to determine allocations and investment options for our clients. Your specific policy is determined based on your unique financial situation and our written performance reports allow you to remain informed.

Additional areas of monitoring and reporting include:

  • Concentrated Position Risk Management
  • Held-Away Asset Review/Integration
  • Strategic Tax Loss/Gain Selling
  • Legacy Asset Strategies

Advanced Planning/Client Services

Client Services

Our relationship with our clients extends to a variety of services which include gathering personal financial information, opening new accounts, initiating transfers, setting up cash flows between accounts, and obtaining other important financial documents for our comprehensive review. Once established, our services continue with ongoing account maintenance including cash flow management and a variety of other service related items.

Advanced Planning

As part of our Advanced Planning process, we begin every relationship by developing a customized Sojourn® plan. Sojourn® is our proprietary application which allows us to build a personalized financial foundation for decision-making reflecting our clients' goals and individual circumstances. Having a plan provides our clients the understanding and confidence around their financial lives that they may not have experienced before.

Additional areas of planning include:

  • Retirement Contribution and Income Distribution Strategies

    Whether in the wealth accumulation or distribution phase, we evaluate retirement accounts, social security benefits, pension income, mortgage and other liabilities to help you make decisions that meet your cash flow objectives.

  • Tax Strategies

    We review our clients’ tax returns to understand clients’ tax liabilities and utilize strategies that may include Roth conversions, capital gain/loss execution, and deduction-optimization. We often work closely with our clients’ accountants to discuss their specific tax situation.

  • Estate Planning and Charitable Giving

    We take great pride in our ability to create strategies and solutions based on your unique circumstances considering charitable objectives, multi-generational wealth, age differentials between spouses, blended families, special needs, or the desire to leave a legacy. We review existing wills and trusts which may result in collaborating with our clients’ attorneys.

  • Education Analysis and Funding

    We work with our clients to identify an action plan by running cost projections for education and using products and strategies including 529s, trusts, after-tax accounts and funding from cash flow to recommend the most effective approach to achieving your desired goals.

  • Risk and Insurance Analysis

    We evaluate your life, disability and long-term care insurance needs to verify the protection aligns with your overall needs and objectives.